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Hello and thank you for following me. My name is Rose Bak. I am a writer based in Portland, Oregon.

I am a dedicated multipotentialite which means I have a wide array of interests and creative pursuits. I write about everything from yoga and mindfulness, business, personal finance, self-help, animals…

The pandemic and ongoing disasters are taking their toll on our workers, and managers are struggling too. Here’s what you can do.

I was meeting with one of my staff this week and, as I usually do, I started the meeting by asking how the person was doing. They were brutally honest.

“I’m exhausted, but I can’t sleep. I’m maxed on vacation time, but I’m afraid to travel. I can’t fill my…

Those unwanted emails tell you a lot about what people are interested in — and what your problems are.

I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of emails. And when I say “a lot” I mean dozens every day.

My in-box is filled with newsletters, sales emails from stores I’ve purchased from the past, notes from authors I follow announcing new books, increasingly aggressive phishing emails

Hint: I’m not supportive of them. At all. Change my mind.

It’s the end of December, and already my social media is filling with people talking about New Year’s resolutions and diets.

If you’re struggling against the expectations to identify what’s wrong with you so that you can “improve” yourself, here are two previously published articles that might interest you.


Rose Bak

Rose Bak is a freelance writer, author and yoga teacher who lives in Portland, Oregon. Visit or follow @authorrosebak on social media.

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