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Hello and thank you for following me. My name is Rose Bak. I am a writer based in Portland, Oregon.

I am a dedicated multipotentialite which means I have a wide array of interests and creative pursuits. I write about everything from yoga and mindfulness, business, personal finance, self-help, animals, humor, aging and so much more.

In addition to my work here on Medium, I am a published author of romantic fiction, I teach accessible yoga and I work in social services.

Here are some of my most popular posts for you to enjoy. Thanks for reading!

As the NewsBreak Creators Program evolves, writers who benefitted from a generous start-up period find themselves out of luck.

Photo by Julien L on Unsplash

When I was invited to join the NewsBreak Creators program last November, I was super excited to get in on the ground floor of a new program.

Although the NewsBreak site had been around for many years and was very popular, the Creators program was a way for the site to move away from aggregation from major news sites and feature smaller writers.

After seeing several writers who were popular on Medium and other sites be rejected for NewsBreak, I was even more excited to have been chosen. …

Summer is in full swing in North America. Here’s how you can get some relief.

Photo by David Law on Unsplash

When we get to these super hot days of summer, I often hear a quote in my head, “Le soleil, toujours le soleil” (“the sun, always the sun”).

It’s a quote from one of my favorite books, “The Stranger” by Albert Camus. In an undergrad French Literature class, I wrote an entire paper analyzing this line, so it’s always stuck with me.

It comes to mind when I walk outside and the sun is beating down so hot it feels like I’m burning up from the inside like the bad guys at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

As the West Coast braces for another wildfire season, residents are urged to prepare now for emergencies.

Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

Wildfire season has started on the west coast, and all indications are that this year will be another challenging season on the west coast. With widespread droughts drying out our beautiful west coast natural areas, residents are being encouraged to prepare now for the impacts of wildfires so that they are not caught off guard.

Last year cities up and down the west coast were choked with smoke and toxic air quality as a result of multiple converging wildfires. Evacuations occurred throughout the state as flames moved towards populated areas, including the Portland metro area. …

What “Modernist Pizza” got wrong about Portland

Photo by Nicolás Perondi on Unsplash

Multiple articles this week proclaimed Portland as the city with the best pizza in the country, causing many transplants to the Pacific Northwest to scratch their hands and wonder, “What? Have the reviewers actually had good pizza before?”

The proclamation of Portland being the best pizza city came from two guys named Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya. As part of the research for their upcoming book “Modernist Pizza,” the duo claims to have eaten almost four hundred different pizzas in more than a dozen cities around the country.

In addition to checking out…

This past year has shown us that the Portland region’s infrastructure is not adequate for extreme weather.

Portland City Hall; photo courtesy of City of Portland

Multiple extreme weather events over the last year have demonstrated that the Portland region is woefully unprepared to respond to climate change.

As temperatures in the Portland metro area climbed to record breaking levels in late June — in some places reaching 116 or higher — infrastructure started to fail. MAX trains and streetcar service were suspended as officials discovered tracks and overhead lines that were unable to withstand such high temperatures. Streets buckled. And in some areas, the electrical grid went out, forcing people to find other places to stay cool.

The Oregon Medical Examiner’s office reported that 107…

The Chicken in Portland Can Be Found at an Unassuming Ramen Restaurant

Fried chicken steam buns; photo courtesy of Boke Bowl

When I heard that it was National Fried Chicken Day, I decided to treat myself to the best fried chicken in Portland.

What do you think of when someone asks about the best fried chicken in the Rose City? Bae’s Fried Chicken? Basilisk? JoJo? Reverand’s BBQ? Reel M Inn? Pine State Biscuits? Lardo? Screen Door?

I will agree that all of those places have fabulous fried chicken, but in my humble opinion, none compare to the deliciousness that is the fried chicken at Boke Bowl. …

In drought-stricken Pacific Northwest, local residents call for an end to the noise and fire risk.

Photo by Timothy Wolff on Unsplash

I’ve never been a huge fan of fireworks.

When I was a kid, I saw someone accidentally start themselves on fire with a firecracker on the 4th of July. Fortunately for that kid, his dad was close by and was able to smother the flames before he sustained more than minor burns, but when you see someone’s clothes start on fire while they shriek in terror and pain, it definitely leaves an impression on you.

My dislike of fireworks and related noisemakers has increased over the years. Fireworks are so incredibly traumatic — to veterans, to shooting victims, to domestic…

Why Portland is breaking up with Prime — and other cities may follow suit

Photo by Jackie Zhao on Unsplash

There’s a revolution going on and online shoppers are about to overthrow their home shopping overlord: Amazon Prime.

If you live in Portland, Oregon, or have visited the Portland subreddit you know that local residents are fed up with Amazon Prime. According to multiple self reports, customers are canceling their Prime memberships in droves — and I’m right there with them.

For those who aren’t familiar, Prime is a premium service associated with the online megastore behemoth Amazon.

According to their webpage, the Seattle-based company offers multiple Prime benefits to customers including:

  • Fast “free” delivery: either one day, two day…

Rose Bak

Rose Bak is a freelance writer, author and yoga teacher who lives in Portland, Oregon. Visit or follow @authorrosebak on social media.

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